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Best Cities in the World to Meet Bisexual Women

Certain cities attract large population of bisexual singles and couples for a variety of reasons. They might have a long tradition of liberal activism leading to greater awareness and protection of sexual minorities. Or they might be home to numerous colleges and universities thus making for a progressive intellectual way of life which is tolerant of various minorities. Here are some cities on the planet which have attracted a large bisexual population over the years.

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Sydney is one of the most vibrant cities of the world which is open to people of different races, ethnicities, lifestyles and sexualities. Here bisexual and bi curious men and women are integrated into the everyday life of the city and the Sydney Mardi Gras is a three week-long festival and the biggest dance party in the country. While the bisexual men population of the city is centered in Oxford Street, the bisexual women population is spread through Inner West: a group of neighborhoods right outside downtown where bisexual women couples can be easily seen walking hand in hand. The local Mecca of bisexual women her is Newtown boasts weekly girls nights funky coffee shops, organic markets, several independent theaters screening both movies and live performances, some of the best Thai food in the city as well as all-around queer-friendliness. Above all, it is just a ten-minute train trip or bus ride to the city's center and under half an hour to some of the city's most famous beaches. In this neighborhood, most of the bisexual women action is located on King Street which begins at the line of St. Peters and ends just before the University of Sydney. nearby is another bisexual-friendly place  Enmore which is more alternative than Newtown and here the top draw is the swanky Green Room where bartenders get creative with dozens of funky and tasty and where there is live music going as well. Newtown's neighbor to the South is Erskineville, also referred to as Erko by the local bi women population, which serves as home to many older bisexual women and those seeking a more subdued pub scene with small-town charm, relaxed cafes that spill out onto streets and bars that tend to close much earlier than their Newtown counterparts. This is especially favored by bi women couples because of its small one- or two-bedroom homes which make it a family friendly locale. Marrickville is another popular bisexual women neighborhood in Sydney that is fairly affordable, artsy, alternative and ethnically diverse. The only catch is perhaps that  it's farther West than Newtown and Enmore, and therefore less convenient for frequent trips to the city A small Portuguese enclave serves up some of the best food in the city, and the main strip is reminiscent of Newtown's bisexual-friendly hotspots. 

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Dubbed ‘Bisexual Women’ by The National Enquirer as far back as 1992, Northampton in the state of Massachusetts has one of the largest bisexual women populations among the major cities of the country. That the place is great to find girls is evident from statistics compiled by the 2000 US Census according to which there are only 71 males for every 100 females age 18 and over. A vibrant intellectual atmosphere as well as the fact that the state of Massachusetts is one of the few to legally allow bisexual women to get married makes Northampton a desirable place for bisexual women. While the entire city seems safe for bisexual women to live, areas around the universities as well as places like the Crafts Avenue and Main Street attract most bisexual females visitors.

San Francisco
San Francisco is another city in the United States that is likely to figure in any world list of bisexual females-friendly cities. The capital city of California has long been considered the Mecca for the LGBT community, ever since the political and radical movement of the 1960s. Here bisexual women and men make up a whopping 15% of the overall city population which is the highest in the country according to statistics from the American Community Survey. One could start off the day for instance in the Dolores Park Café and then browse through the numerous shops on Haight Street which was the birthplace of the hippie movement in the country, perhaps stopping by for a quick drink at the Trax which is one of the trendiest bisexual females joints on the street. Bernal Heights is yet another popular neighborhood for bisexual women and there the Wild Side West is one of the most frequented bisexual females bars. Or one could stop for a spot of lunch at The Lexington Club, a bisexual female-friendly club and then round off the day with dessert at the Citizen Café where award-winning out bisexual women chef/owner Elizabeth Falkner serves up delicious cakes, cookies and other sweet delicacies. Not to forget the historic City Hall where in 2004 bisexual men and women apparently lined up for weeks in order to get married.

New York City
The Maximum City must figure on any list of cities with a significant bisexual females community on account of the sheer size of its LGBT population. According to the 2000 US Census, New York City has the largest LGBT population in United States amounting to a staggering 272,493 residents and constituting around 4.5% of the city’s total population. Boroughs like Manhattan, Queens and Brooklyn are believed to attract large numbers of bisexuals even though West Village, Jackson Heights and Metropolitan Avenue feature some of the hippest bi females hangouts. West Village in particular is home to many old pubs and bars in the neighborhood which formed the crux of LGBT rights movements and bohemian culture in the past decades. Apart from this every year through the entire fourth week of June, West Village hosts the New York Gay Festival with the five major events being The Rally, PrideFest, The March, the Dance on the Pier, and Rapture on the River. Among these the most significant is the March which commemorates the Stonewall Riots which marked a turning point in the history of struggle for bisexuals rights on the morning of June 28, 1969. Finally West Village is close to other bisexual females neighborhoods in NYC like Chelsea and the East Village and thus attracts a high percentage of Sapphos looking to hang out at its pubs or soak in the history of the place.

A long history of sexual and artistic experimentation as well the French tolerance for private life means that Paris is one of the best cities for bisexual females on the planet. Most of them are concentrated in the very center district called "Le Marais", in the 3rd and 4th arrondissements. In these historic narrow streets, so typical of Paris, are most bisexual  bars, restaurants or fashion shops. While going from museums to hotels particuliers, while shopping in Sainte Croix de la Bretonnerie street or visiting the splendor of Place des Vosges, tourists can come across same sex couples going out in Marais' venues. The bisexual population of the city is particularly located on the crossroad in south Marais between rue Du Roi de Sicile and rue Des Ecouffes. Around here stand three of the main lesbian bars in Paris and the only female dedicated sex-shop. Many Parisian gays prefer not to go in oriented places and mix with the usual people with no problem. Apart from these venues, Paris has a number of bisexual associations which makes it one of the best places in the world to meet bisexual women – one of these is the bi male-friendly women’s choir Les Gammes Elles, Bisexual walking association called Les Bénines d 'Apie Bisexual film events organization known as Cineffable, a bisexual dating agency Dîner Entre Elles as well as other bisexual resources like the website Entrelles, the lesbian magazine La Dizième Muse, a group of roup of Lesbian Associations known as Coordination Lesbienne de France and A.R.C.L which is a resource for Bisexual Archives, Researchs, Cultures.

Rio de Janeiro
Rio de Janeiro, the commercial and cultural capital of Brazil, is one of the most bisexual-friendly places in South America. despite some lingering homophobic tendencies, it is now quite common to see bisexual women walking hand-in-hand on streets; likewise part of the tourism industry is driven by traffic to bisexual-friendly beaches, parades, nightspots and queer neighborhoods. among the most frequented destinations are Ipanema and Copacabana. the latter sits in the Southern part of the city near Avenida Atlantico. The area in front of the Copacabana Palace hotel, known as Bolsa, is where same-sex travelers worship the sun and take more-than-passing glances at scantily clad bodies. Bisexuals also are concentrated at Farme de Amoedo, also called Farme Gay, which is more cruise-oriented than Bolsa. an especially great time to meet bisexual women in Rio is during Carnaval, an annual festival that kicks off Mardi Gras in February, and a bisexual pride celebration, which marches a parade down three miles of beaches, in early June.

Though bisexual population is less empowered in Asia for a variety of cultural and historical reasons, some cities have do figure as great places to meet bisexual women. one such city is Bangkok which has a large, exciting LGBT community. Though bisexual bars are fewer in number as compared to bi guys bars, some of the places where you can meet women ready for same-sex love are bars like Zeta at RCA which boasts of girls only every night of the week! Friendly staff, girls, and live are some of other attractions of this bisexual hangout. Diva’s Pub and She’s Club are some of the other hangouts that cater exclusively to bisexual women in Bangkok. Owned by a group of bisexual women, Vega Cafe is a bar and restaurant combined. The atmosphere is casual and attracts mixed crowds. Apart from karaoke facilities, the bar also hosts live bands which play local and international favorites late at night. other than this there are some popular bi male clubs like The Balcony, Telephone and DJ station where lesbians are welcome too. Then again there are bisexual female oriented social and dating groups like Lesla which claims to host the largest gathering of bisexual women under one roof. With an increasing number of people joining, Lesla has now decided to hold a weekly get-together every Saturday night in order to give their members a chance to meet and mingle. The event varies according to each week's theme.

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Bisexual Dating in USA - Dating Opportunities for Bisexual Men and Women in the United States

In a world where homosexuals want to be accepted as having been born homosexual, and heterosexuality is still the norm, bisexuals are viewed by some as deviant nymphomaniacs who love just any sex. Take this label in stride as it doesn't really matter (some people are even turned on by the notion) and take comfort in the fact that your dating landscape is twice as wide as that of wholly straight or gay individuals!

Homosexuality is still considered by some in the United States as immoral or unnatural, but the general population's opinion on the issue has been steadily swaying in the direction of acceptance, for some time, and at this point, being a homophobe is seen by many in the same light as being a racist. Prejudice exists of course, but the prejudice against prejudice has a pretty good foothold in American culture as well. With that said, going to the local honky tonk festival or to the nearest church function is not likely to land you a whole lot of same sex dates, nor is it likely to land you a person of the opposite sex who is totally cool with you being willing to date people of your own gender. Put yourself in more liberal or neutral environments and your odds of stumbling across other bisexual people increases. Dance clubs are a good bet, as are shopping malls and fashion based establishments. 

Come out to your friends and see who knows of someone that could be an interesting match for you. It's not necessary to reveal your orientation to anyone you don't want to reveal it to of course, but the stone ages of everyone who thinks differently being spat upon is laughed at by most people nowadays, so the benefits of having friends (even acquaintances) who know about your orientation outweighs the risk of being viewed a tad differently (which would probably be temporary at worst). For some reason many women actually get a bit giddy at the idea of hooking up one of their guy friends with another guy friend as well, so this can be an effortless path to a hot date.

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Networking within the homosexual community can often point you towards like-minded bisexual individuals. Gay bars usually have clientele which includes many bisexuals along with those who are strictly homosexual (as well as some heterosexuals), so they can be great venues for meeting the types of people who you'd like to date or who know someone you'd like to date. Become involved with gay pride celebrations and LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) movements; this will be a rewarding and worthwhile experience anyway, along with being a way to meet attractive people who relate with your lifestyle and may be interested in you romantically. 

In general, it's a lot easier for a woman to tell a straight guy she's dating that she's bisexual, than it for a bisexual man to inform a straight girl he's dating of his orientation. The idea of lesbian intimacy is quite erotic for many heterosexual men, while the idea of gay relationships among men just makes a lot of women think of shopping. As such, letting your partner of the opposite sex know about your orientation and lifestyle is usually less of a hassle for bisexual women than for bisexual men. 

As a bisexual woman, in most cases, you can let a guy you're dating know that you also like girls, right up front. So long as he's not very religious or extremely conservative, then chances are he will at the very least be accepting of this information. Some men will drool over your admission and give you full permission to date women on the side. The threesome fantasy is anything but rare so you may be able to make your guy's naughtiest dreams come true in the process of just being yourself. In these types of relationships, it's very important to keep track of your own emotions though and be very aware of your feelings for the girl you're having sex with as well as your feelings for the man you're committed to. Just how serious or casual a relationship is, should always be known fully by both partners.

Bisexual guys letting heterosexual girls they're dating know about their varied romantic interests can be a little bit more of a shock. When you're dating bisexual girls who can see the appeal of playing both fields and can relate to it, your admission will usually be accepted rather easily (which is an argument for bisexual guys seeking bisexual girls to date), but some heterosexual women look for masculinity in a boyfriend and may see the willingness to sleep with another man as somehow less than manly (even though it's really not; the notion that masculinity/femininity and sexual orientation go hand in hand is a major generalization that holds true only for some). Most women aren't going to break up with you once they learn that you're attracted to other guys though, so long as you explain that you'll be faithful and you're committed and such. It's just typically better to put the information on the table rather than to withhold it and risk your girlfriend finding out about it later, which could lead to a breakup. Bisexual girls dating heterosexual men and getting to bring other women into the relationship works a lot more smoothly than bisexual men dating heterosexual girls and trying to bring other men into the relationship, so don't suggest it until a very strong trust has been established (ie enough that she won't feel threatened by any other partners you may have).

Bisexuality is an orientation which some may completely fail to understand, some may embrace, and others may simply shy away from (there's a pretty popular strain of thought that everyone is bisexual to some degree) but ultimately love is what everyone seeks and there is nothing stopping you from attaining that. So long as you're forthright about who you are and selective about who you choose, then there's nothing stopping you from a perfect future with an ideal person.

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Bisexual Dating Services

Bisexuality is now a largest issue in our society. As of now there's a lot of bisexual issued tackle for every corner of each country around the world. Bisexual dating services is now a largest part of internet that gives all the gay and bisexual to get some date. Knowingly that it is one of the most site been opened not only for bisexual but also to the straight people that been using internet in their home but also in the cafe.
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Bisexual Dating services gives different kind of criteria to a person what kind of person they were looking for. Looking for a right date to each and everyone by giving their wanted person to be date with. Occurring to them that doing this date will explore a love affection to them and maybe a long time date that will emits a good attachment to them.

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